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SOME COLD WAR BLUES: A Short Story, Episode Three

By the time Ralph came out to go to work, Jack had cleared a path on the porch and raked over the front steps and started on the front walkway. It was another of his piss poor jobs. Ralph surveyed it with disdain. The path Jack had carved was much narrower than the sidewalk itself, and he had not scraped all the way down to the concrete, leaving a rough and slippery mat of snow and ice. “Gimme that,” Ralph said, grabbed the shovel and began to blaze a trail down the sidewalk to his car, which was parked on... Continue Reading →

SOME COLD WAR BLUES: A Short Story, Episode Two

He failed to notice Ralph moving through the living room into the kitchen in his baggy boxer shorts and sleeveless undershirt into the kitchen. “Jesus Christ,” he heard Ralph mutter in the kitchen. . Jack’s heart began to pound. The back porch door slammed shut. Ralph came to the doorway to the living room, his eyes flickering and dancing in anger, his neck distended, a snake about to strike. “Didn’t ya know the God damn door was open? Too lazy ta get your ass up and close it.” Jack said nothing. Ralph snorted, waved his hand at Jack as if... Continue Reading →

SOME COLD WAR BLUES: A Short Story, Episode One

The cold hardwood floor punished the boy’s bony knees as he knelt beside the bed and said his morning prayers. He fingered the beads of the rosary tucked under his pillow. His Saint Christopher’s medal lay cold, heavy and hard against his thin chest. There had been a time when he had worn a scapular instead of the Saint Christopher’s medal, but the square patch of sacred woolen cloth had itched too much when dry and then got too soggy with sweat and bathwater. It made him feel guilty that he could do so little when the saints, the men... Continue Reading →
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