Bread & Circuses


In recent weeks we have been working on putting Mink Eyes and Tenebrae onto the “audio book” platforms.  As I listened to the “proofs,” I re-engaged with the work, especially Mink Eyes, experiencing it in a different way and receiving...

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Mink Eyes Playlist???

It is October, 1986.  There is no Spotify, no Pandora.  What would be playing in Peter O'Keefe's office and apartment?  What songs would Kelly put on her most recent mix tape?  What is playing from the van stereo as he...

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You don’t even have a Facebook page!

No surprise if you’ve forgotten that a movie called Birdman won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2014.  The movie featured what the writers and the director obviously thought was a wonderful put-down speech by Emma Stone, berating her father,...

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Bread & Circuses: A Belated Protest

A belated protest:  La La Land?  Really?

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